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Gun safety for you and your family

Gun safety that works for you and your entire family.Range Safety Officer Training Classes
NRA Gun Safety Rules
SLED Gun Safety Rules

Parents Guide to Gun Safety
Learn Gun Safety With Eddie Eagle

Paladin Services LLC senior instructors Joseph Katz and Janet Katz integrated gun safety into their family life a long time ago.

That's among the reasons why our CWP and Basic Pistol class is always a firearms safety class. Gun safety is much more than a slogan to us or a way for anti-gun fanatics choose to exert control over other people. Gun safety is part of the way we live. Because our concern for gun safety extends beyond ourselves and our own classes we provide essential safety elements here—online at—for the ongoing benefit of our own students and other people too.

We at Paladin Services LLC hope that this gun safety section of our web site benefits you and your family even if you never take a class from us and even if we never meet you. We're all of us in this life together. It's a better life if we all work with reality, strength, and good will instead of fantasy, insecurities, and fear.

Gun Safety for Adults

NRA Gun Safety Rules.The NRA gun safety rules are simple, basic, and universal. They developed from the cumulative experience of generations of Americans who used firearms for good purposes.

SLED Gun Safety Rules. SLED's gun safety rules, which build upon the NRA gun safety rules, are on the SLED exam for the South Carolina CWP. The aim of the SLED exam—as we teach our CWP and Basic Pistol class— is to help you learn what's required for the SC CWP, not to trick you or punish you. We review you thoroughly for the SLED exam before you take it so you understand what is important for South Carolinians.

NRA Range Safety Officers who wear this emblem help keep you safe.Range Safety Officer Classes. Range Safety Officers oversee and conduct safe operations of shooting ranges throughout the country. We are appointed to train experienced, responsible adults and recommend their certification. When you are at a shooting range, organization, or club look for assistance from the men and women who proudly wear the NRA Range Safety Officer emblem as an insignia of their commitment to your shooting safety. Apply for a Range Safety Officer class when you're ready and want to help other people shoot in a safe environment. There's no limit on safety.

Gun Safety for Children

Help growing kids stay out of trouble. Parents Guide to Gun Safety.Firearrms safety in the South Carolina CWP class: NRA gun safety rulesHow to keep your children safe in the real world, where there are many kinds of potentially dangerous machines? In our CWP and Basic Pistol class we explain what you can—and should—do for your children's safety at each stage. In our Personal Protection In The Home class we teach how to protect them in the event of home invasion and related dangers.

Learn Gun Safety With Eddie Eagle. Very young children need a different approach to firearms safety. In this animated video the NRA's Eddie Eagle mascot teaches practical gun safety to pre-school through third grade children: "Stop! Don't touch. Leave the area. Tell an adult." It's catchy and memorable and delivers the right message to very young kids. Eddie Eagle helps us protect them. In our CWP and Basic Pistol class we explain how to use this approach to protect the very young kids in your family.

Kids need you to teach them safety in a potentially dangerous world.At Paladin Services LLC safety is our foremost concern. If safety is your concern too we can help you learn gun safety methods for yourself and everyone else in your family no matter what their age. Email us about taking our basic class and learn how to be safe around firearms. Please be sure to include your local telephone number(s) so we can call to determine your needs and answer your questions.

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